This A.I. Software Will Read Any Text Out Loud: Top 5 TTS

TTS software reads aloud digital text. It transforms written words into natural-sounding speech. TTS software has long been used to assist those with visual impairments or reading problems. However, it now has a wide range of applications.  

Among other things, TTS can be used to listen to papers, e-books, and webpages. Numerous well-known digital devices, such as Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, have it installed. Due to advancements in artificial intelligence, the best TTS software sounds highly natural and human-like.

How Text-To-Speech Software Works

TTS software works using speech synthesis technology. It breaks down text into phonemes - the smallest units of sound in language. The software has a digital "voice" that's programmed to say all possible phoneme combinations fluently. By stitching phonemes together, full sentences can be spoken.

Voices sound more natural thanks to machine learning algorithms. These algorithms help the software adapt and improve its speech based on large volumes of data. The more the data you give to TTS software, the more accurate it converts the text to speech.

Note: as source of this review, we used Socialmarketing90’s text to speech AI tools list.

Best Text-To-Speech Software in 2024

1. Natural Reader

A simple-to-use TTS solution for both personal and business use is Natural Reader. It offers natural sounding voices in over 35 languages for smooth listening. Useful features include ability to slow down or speed up speech, create MP3s and integrate with popular programs like Microsoft Word. It also has reading aids for content like PDF files.

2. ReadSpeaker 

For web pages, eLearning and more, ReadSpeaker allows TTS without extra software downloads. Over 20 languages are available using both natural and computerized voices. ReadSpeaker can even add speech to accommodate literacy levels or vision impairments. Custom tones and speech speeds are also offered.  

3. Acapela Box

Acapela Box provides over 100 TTS voices with additional dialect and speech style options. Sound quality is very realistic thanks to performances by professional voice over artists. Along with all the standard features, custom voices can also be created. Audio integration is easy with Acapela's plugins for major platforms and apps.

4. iSpeech 

A popular affordable choice is iSpeech. It has dozens of lifelike voices with adjustable speed and pitch. It works well integrating with web browsers, Windows software, mobile apps and popular platforms like WordPress. Markup can be used to further improve pronunciation and speaking tone. Audio formats like MP3 are customizable too.

5. Amazon Polly  

As Amazon's TTS solution, Polly helps create speech-enabled products at low cost. Over 77 voices are currently offered in over 30 languages. Using advanced deep learning tech, Polly promises realistic speech that sounds like a real person. Easy API integration is available along with useful features like speech marks to improve clarity. 

Choosing the Best Software

When selecting a TTS tool, consider the voice quality, supported languages and integration capabilities. Think about what content you want to read - websites, docs, e-books etc. Budget, customization needs and ease of use are also key factors. With today's best text-to-speech software, synthesized voices sound more conversational than ever.

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